footfocus podiatry available at broadstone physiotherapy clinic

Why Podiatry?

We already know that our feet are the foundations of our body and undertake a monumental amount of work every day just to get us from A to B – and back again.

But did you also know that to compensate for the huge forces they endure, our feet actually adapt their shape and function three times during each step. This demand places a huge amount of stress through the joints, ligaments and tendons in our foot and lower leg.

Aengus Shanahan Specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrist at Broadstone Physio in DorsetSo it’s no surprise that injury to the foot is extremely common and in the UK there are far too few specialists to help when things go wrong. This is where Footfocus can really help. Footfocus is a specialist Podiatry Clinic run by Aengus Shanahan


Aengus Shanahan is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrist with unique experience within both the NHS and Sporting Institutes. Having studied at Masters level in clinical Biomechanics he has a specialist interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal foot pathology. In his clinic he treats everyone from Olympic athletes to high-risk diabetic patients with complex foot pathologies.

Medical referrals come from Physiotherapists, GP’s and Surgeons wanting to get the most effective treatment for Patients.

When you come for podiatry

Using the most recent evidenced based research along with the most up to date and clinically relevant technology such as PRESSURE PLATE and VIDEO GAIT ASSESSMENT he aims to get the best outcome for his patients. This can benefit anyone who has foot pain or is keen to do what they can to ensure they are participating in their activity for as long as possible.

footfocus podiatry clinic broadstone physiotherapy dorsetTo find a solution to your pain as well as improve your knowledge about how your body moves, book online or call us now for an Assessment.

1 hour assessment and treatment – £65
– Video gait analysis
– Force plate findings discussed
– Diagnosis of presenting problem
– Agreed treatment and plan
– Where necessary, the appropriate and informed referral onward (which may include Physiotherapy, GP, Extended scope practitioner or Surgeon).

So if your feet are crying out for some professional help then book an appointment.

Appointments can be made directly through: 01425 837570

Or book on-line: Footfocus Podiatry Clinic

… and of course look at the helpful Footfocus website