Therapeutic Bike Fitting

Broadstone Physiotherapy & Aquatherapy is delighted to now be able to offer Therapeutic Bike Fitting

bike fit broadstone physiotherapy

Whatever level of cyclist you are, a good bike fit can change the way you ride

A bike fit at Broadstone Physiotherapy can improve both performance and comfort on your bike but more importantly is crucial to preventing and recovering from cycling-related injuries.

Tom Cadbury completed a Sport Science degree prior to qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist and has been assessing and treating musculo-skeletal sports injuries for more than 10 years.

As an experienced road cyclist Tom understands the necessity of a good bike fit and the relationship with injuries. He will not only highlight areas of weakness in your set up, but will also identify the limitations within your body and give you the tools improve.


How do I know if I need a Bike Fit?

A Therapeutic Bike fit at Broadstone Physiotherapy can help if you experience:bike fit broadstone physiotherapy

  • Neck ache/pain (such as after endurance/Sportive events)
  • Knee pain (which can be brought on after tough hill sessions)
  • Wrist/Arm/Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Hamstring pain or tightness
  • Calf pain or tightness
  • If you have had recent Orthopaedic surgery (joint replacement surgery for example can change your range of movement and biomechanics)
  • If you just want to optimise your position on your bike to improve comfort and prevent injury.

What happens?
Firstly we take a thorough history and then carry out a Physiotherapy assessment to diagnose any injuries and look at muscle strength and joint range of movement.
45 min assessment – £65

We then set your bike up on a turbo trainer and take static measurements and using Dart Fish Video Motion Capture, analyse your technique. By using a thorough analysis of your biomechanics on and off the bike, we can get to the source of your pain and treat it effectively.This means not only adjusting your bike for a more comfortable fit, but also using physiotherapy treatment techniques and designing a specific strength and conditioning programme.

For an assessment with Tom Cadbury:

Phone: 01202 693199


Or call in: 24 Story Lane Broadstone BH18 8EQ